A wave of healthy-eating enthusiasm has made its way across the globe, and one of Baton Rouge’s most authentically Mexican restaurants, Mestizo, is diving headfirst into the deep end with a unique keto-friendly menu.

“Every demographic is making changes in their diet,” Jim Urdiales, Mestizo’s owner, said. “Whether the doctor is mandating it or by choice, diners are looking for something healthy but satisfying.”

Mestizo’s menu expansion was brought on by popular demand from its loyal customer base, and the restaurant was happy to comply to the push for healthy eating practices with traditional Mexican cuisine that caters to both the vegetable-forward and ideal protein diets.

While vegetarian eating habits are straightforward to follow, staying on track with keto guidelines can make eating out more of a challenge. However, traditional Mexican food adheres to these special dieting rules:


Low in carbohydrates • Not too salty • No processed food
No artificial sweeteners • Only low carb fruit • Only low carb alcohol
No sugary drinks • No breaded meats


To be keto is to consume only small quantities of salt, carbs and sugar while maximizing protein intake. Mestizo’s fresh ingredients and meal preparation ensure healthy eaters get exactly what they are looking for in a keto-focused dish.

“Upon launching our keto-friendly menu, we had many customers asking if we had menu options that would keep them on track and if it was even possible to dine here. Needless to say, they are super excited to find out we do in fact have many many choices for them to choose from,” Urdiales said.

Mexican classics are modified to satisfy a range of keto customers. As compared to Americanized Mexican restaurants that serve fattier and saltier food, Mestizo goes for a healthier approach by offering more traditional meals, which are proven to be better for dieters overall.

For instance, sauces and dressings tend to be high in sodium while Mexican bowls can be very filling. Mestizo, on the other hand, replaces some of the things that make these foods unhealthy with ingredients that are beneficial to the body.

“Our keto-friendly menu boasts most of the staples, which are fish, meat, dairy, healthy oils and green vegetables,” Urdiales said. “If a customer is trying a keto dish for the first time, I would recommend starting with fajitas. This is a dish that our customers can relate to, because they have probably have eaten it before, which will allows them to keep an open mind.”

Mestizo is looking forward to satisfying future healthy eaters with its new meal options. Stop by and see how real traditional Mexican cuisine can please your keto appetite!



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