Halloween and Thanksgiving will be here in the following weeks, the leaves will begin to change colors, and your favorite radio station will go from “Welcome to the Jungle” to “Jingle Bells,” but there’s no time quite like the present to begin planning your annual Christmas bonanza with Mestizo.

While everyone else in the neighborhood may think it’s too early to even consider December’s biggest holiday, you’ll be ready to host a party that will put a smile on Clark Griswold’s face. Here are some top Mestizo pre-Christmas party tips to get you good and ready:

An Occasion to Remember

What do you want party goers to appreciate the most about your festive shindig: food, decorations music?Mestizo has your back when it comes to party catering. From select dinners and healthy bowls to classy beverages and desserts, give your guests an array of fresh, Mexican cuisine that they’ll love for the whole season.

Relax and Enjoy

As a host, you don’t want to be wearing too many hats. Focus on the guests, and let Mestizo handle the catering.Mestizo has everything you need to provide all visitors with delectable food and drinks – no matter how specific. Whether you need vegetarian or keto-friendly meal options, Mestizo has something for everyone.


Christmas party planning comes with limitless decisions,

but you can count on Mestizo being there


Deck the Halls

Because Christmas is a gigantic holiday, there is an infinite amount of decorations you can shop for. Candles, wreaths and streamers are widely available before and during the winter season, so stock up early, because you can always go back for more later!

Decorate around the most popular places you think guests will be located. Setting up nutcrackers in the garage or attic may be excessive, but it does show admirable dedication to the celebration.

What Friends Are For

Up your festive food game by asking friends to bring over their favorite Christmas dishes to serve Mestizo’s dining from. Stack tacos on your friend’s surfing Santa plate, or fill snowy bowls with traditional Mexican sauces and dips. Get-togethers are always much more fun when everyone pitches in!

Drink Merrily!

Mestizo is known for its exotic drinks as well as fresh cuisine.

Mix up the traditional hot cocoa with margaritas, tequila and specialty cocktails. Even if your party patrons prefer to enjoy beverages with a pinky up or take shots, Mestizo has the menu to keep everyone merry!

Christmas party planning comes with limitless decisions, but you can count on Mestizo being there with Baton Rouge’s premier Mexican eats and drinks. Come up with seasonal ideas today!



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